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Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Meditation
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Toutes les catégories
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Qi Gong

Warn up & Awaken your Energy body

Tao Yoga -12 Steps to Inner Power

Golden Rooster stands on One Leg

Welcome to a Touch of Chi

Learn "Chi Cultivation Exercises"

Tai Chi for Health & Meditation (Class)

Learn "Daoyin Lo Lo Cleansing Qi Gong"

Learning "Tai Chi Circle Form" (Class)

Learn "Tai Chi 8 Posture Form"

Tai Chi 12 Posture (front view)

Tai Chi 12 Posture (rear view)

Learn "Yang Tai Chi Short Form"

Learn "Tai Chi Balance Exercise"

Tai Chi - Chi Kung "Energy Ball"

Learn "Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Balance Form"

Learn "Tai Chi Double Edge Sword Form"

Yang Tai Chi Long Form-Dr Chang

1st Half of Tai Chi Fan Form-online

Playing Tai Chi Chuan San Shou

Tai Chi 8 Posture Form - Partner

The following Chi cultivation forms are presently available to assist you in your study and practice:


Chi Cultivation Exercise 

Daoyin LoLo Cleansing Qi Gong

Tai Chi Circle Form

Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Balance Form

Shaolin Chi Kung

Tai Chi 8 Posture Form

Yang Tai Chi Short Form

Yang Tai Chi Long Form

Tai Chi Double Edge Sword Form

Tai Chi Fan Form

Tai Chi San Shou

Tai Chi Broad Sword